Christian Scott Visits Morpeth School

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On Tuesday, Jazz trumpeter Christian Scott and his band visited Morpeth School to perform and lead a workshop with the members of the school band ‘Urban Playground’. After performing a couple of tracks he started a question and answer session so the students had the chance to find out all they wanted to know about him and his music. He had some fascinating stories to tell and provided great insight into the influences behind one or two of his pieces.

Christian Scott at Morpeth SchoolAfter that, Urban Playground performed and Christian had plenty of advice for the kids. He then put them all on the spot and got each of them to perform a solo whilst being backed up by the rest of the group. The afternoon ended with Urban Playground and Christian Scott’s band playing a piece together which sounded great. This was great experience for the kids getting help and advice from some of the finest young Jazz musicians today.

The previous evening the kids saw Christian and his band play live at the Royal Festival Hall so they were already familiar with his work. During the question and answer sessions on pupil asked if he would be coming back. ‘I’d like to’ he said. Let’s hope that he does.

The music department have provided this sneak preview of the day, no doubt more footage coming soon…

Christian Scott at Morpeth School

Visit Christian Scott’s Website
Visit the Morpeth Music Department Website

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