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A year or two ago I joined for the sole purpose of getting my band’s music on there. I used it for personal use for a short time having downloaded the scrobbler for iTunes but to be honest, I didn’t really get it. Especially as Spotify was becoming increasingly popular and having it as a standalone program seemed much more appealing. Before long, I forgot about using it, letting my account gathering dust.

It wasn’t till recently when having bought a new Android phone that I returned to using I wanted to install an app that would stream music to my phone. Spotify of course has a great app, but I can’t really justify spending £10 a month on something I’m not going to use that often.’s app is free so I naturally went with that. App on AndroidWhat I had forgotten about all this time was that I had actually connected my Spotify account to my one, so whilst I spent many months listening to new music, was observing and working out exactly what kind of music I like. So it was much to my surprise that the music I was listening to on my phone was great! There are two great functions to The first is the ability to listen to songs that are in your library already but streamed over the internet. The second is the recommendations it provides – showing similar artists to what you already listen to helping you to discover new music.

The app for Android is very easy to use and displays the album artwork much like an iPod does. Streaming is a bit slow over 3G but WiFi is fine.

The second discovery was being able to connect to your account via XBOX live and listen to music through your TV. You do however, need to have XBOX Live Gold Membership account to take advantage of this. Silver users can get a 3 hour trial to see if they’d like it. I think this is great and the interface is very appealing. Displayed on screen is a slideshow of different images of the artist so there is a strong visual element to this. The thought of having this playing at a party or something is very appealing.

So that’s it really, I’ve rediscovered, it’s been a while but things are looking good for them these days.

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