Live Review: Secret Skunk Anansie Rehearsal

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A few Fridays ago I tagged along with a friend to go and see Skunk Anansie live. The only difference was this wasn’t a gig, it was a rehearsal. The next day they were due to start a new tour promoting their new album ‘Wonderlustre’ so they held a special friends and family only rehearsal at LH2 studios in West London. It was a chance to see their full stage set up, lighting, costumes, the works. There was only about 50 or so people there in this large hall but the atmosphere was still great.

WonderlustreIf you’re lucky enough to see Skunk Anansie on tour this time around, you’re definitely going to enjoy it as the band are currently playing a range of new and old tracks but giving many of the songs from their new album a chance to be heard live. We heard several tracks from Wonderlustre including the brilliant ‘Over the Love’, ‘Talk Too Much’ and ‘You Saved Me’.

Their new album is very commercial it has to be said and although lacking in any heavy tunes you don’t feel cheated out of anything when you hear these songs live. It’s awesome these guys (and gal) are back and I look forward to seeing them again very soon.

Check out Skunk Anansie’s website for their current tour dates

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