Cage Against the Machine

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There’s only one thing more annoying than seeing another one of Simon Cowell’s mentally unstable X Factor winners crowned Christmas Number one… and that is all these campaigns to get something else to beat it instead. Rage Against the Machine’s triumph last year was genuinely exciting despite being a probable foregone conclusion given the amount of weight the campaign had. This year will be a lot different however, with a number of campaigns trying to get someone’s favourite song to number one.

My good friend and excellent blogger Luke McGee wrote an article about the campaign to get John Cage’s “4’33” to Christmas number one. Billy Bragg, Imogen Heap and a host of other artists have taken part in a special recording of this piece of music. This is probably one of Cage’s most famous pieces of music as the piece itself is silent. I’m pretty sure that the people organising this are doing so tongue firmly placed into cheek. However I think it’s great that John Cage’s work is getting some well deserved attention regardless of whether or not it gets to number one.

Remember, unlike the tosh that the eventual X Factor winner will produce this is art. It’s not a question of whether you would listen to it in the car or not, it’s that this piece of music is artistic genius.

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