Why Are Good Drummers Are Like Gold Dust?

Blog, Rock/Metal

Why is a good drummer so hard to find? My band has recently started looking around for a new drummer and it’s really, really hard.

The thing about drummers is, they are usually mental. I know this, because I used to be one. We’ve tried different approaches, advertising in practice studios, online etc, but we’re not having much luck. The best drummers I know are frantically busy with session work, already in other bands, working in education etc… So you’re hardly likely to be approached by a drummer. No – it’s us that will have to do the chasing.

We even tried the approach of looking at students at University who haven’t yet been snapped up by someone else. Trouble with this approach is they are either a) Incredibly unreliable or b) Not good enough to the point you’re surprised they’re doing a degree in it.

So what I’m really looking for is some alternatives for this situation. At this rate we’ll do away with the drummer and have a drum machine… at least it’ll be on time to band practice…

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