Linkin Park Ideal for Rockin’ Musical Futures Lessons

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I’ve recently been working on ‘In at the Deep’ end projects with Year 8 students at school. Usually with this type of lesson the kids pick some very awkward choices of songs that are hard for them to learn over several lessons. This is especially so when you have them picking ‘Grime’ tracks that they’re supposed to be able to play on a couple of guitars and a drum kit.

I’m in no way a big Linkin Park fan and their latest album is one of the most pointless I’ve ever heard. However, their songs are great for kids to recreate in their lessons for 3 reasons…

1) They usually involve only 4 different chords and some sort of melody over the top which is great for keyboard
2) You can play them all in Drop D, so complete novices can cope well with this
3) In terms of structure, they are simple so pupils can easily tackle more than one section of a song.

Now you may not be well acquainted with the music of Linkin Park so here’s a couple of tips for next time your Musical Futures lesson is struggling for song ideas. Here are the videos to ‘What I’ve Done’ and ‘New Divide’.

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