Spotify Deliver An Anti-Climax

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What with Apple, Amazon and other big companies regularly delivering press conferences and using them as an excuse to announce new products or big changes to their existing products, the announcement of yesterday’s press conference by Spotify did generate a fair bit of hype before hand.

Top of the rumour-mill was the possible announcement of a new iPad app for Spotify. To be honest, this app is massively overdue and it is really puzzling why this wasn’t available ages ago. Having to use a stretched iPhone version on a 10 inch screen is far from ideal. So it was with great disappointment to the world that yesterday’s press conference did not deliver… instead they announced a new partnership with Coca-Cola.

Now I know Spotify is not yet the massive money-making machine it should be, but this does look basically like a money-making exercise with only minimal thought given to the consumer. The disappointment was evident on user forums this morning with many users bemoaning the persistent lack of an iPad app.

Even during the press conference, Spotify CEO Dan Ek briefly stated that an iPad app is ‘in the works’ before quickly moving on to the Coca-Cola topic, after being asked by a journalist when it’s going to be available.

Seems to me like Spotify really could do with a product refresh with a hideously out-of-date desktop app too. This could also be redesigned to look less cluttered and less like iTunes. Even a web-based HTML5 app should be of serious consideration too, but given how long it’s taken them to take an iPad app seriously, I don’t hold out much hope.

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