Cook Stuffing for Roasts and Keep their Shape

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I’ve never posted about cooking before and I highly doubt it’ll be a regular venture as I’m no professional.

I’ve started cooking roast dinners as I’m bored of the usual easy meals usually consisting of pasta. What I found when cooking sage and onion stuffing was that when rolled into balls, they’d lose their shape in the oven and I’d end up with Sage and Onion pizza.

Sage and Onion Stuffing

The solution for me came in the form of some 49p silicon mini-cupcake moulds from Dunelm Mill. You could probably use a normal cup-cake or muffin baking tray, but this solution means you aren’t taking up loads of oven space.

Silicon Mini-Cupcake Moulds

About half way through cooking, turn them over if you can so they are crispy all the way around. Usually takes about 30 minutes to cook them and they come out great.

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