Pure Evoke Flow Internet Radio Review

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IMG_2978I’m currently sitting by a roaring fire typing away whilst listening to Classic FM on a new Pure Evoke Flow DAB/Internet radio that I received today. Having the item delivered was a mission in itself with all sorts of problems with Yodel, but I won’t go into that.

So I thought I’d write a quick review so if anyone else was thinking of buying it, they could do so with a bit more knowledge about the product.

This was a bit of an impulse purchase after I bought my Dad a Roberts Revival DAB radio for Christmas. I was really impressed when I saw and heard this radio to the point where I nearly bought one myself. I decided to shop around a bit and look into other radios as spending £150 on this is a bit of an investment.

The only thing that stopped me getting another Roberts Revival radio for myself was the fact the LCD display was at the top. I’d much rather see the information about the radio station and/or music without having to get up.

So I went off and browsed the Internet looking for something aesthetically pleasing with decent functionality and sound. I came across the Pure Evoke Flow pretty early on and what appealed to me was the slick black gloss finish and the large display. In fact, this is the largest LCD display I’ve seen on a ‘small’ digital radio. Most cover two lines of text, this covers about 7 or 8 and has vertical scrolling, which makes it much quicker to view and read information about the station you’re listening to.

I wasn’t much fussed about the Internet radio capability to be honest, but since using it, I have used the ‘Listen Back’ function a fair bit. This allows you to stream radio broadcasts from the last 7 days using BBC iPlayer and other networks that operate a similar system. It works really well.

Two concerns I had when purchasing this were down to reviews I had read on Amazon. Firstly the sound quality and whether it would have enough bass in the sound. This isn’t really a problem for this radio, whilst not overwhelmingly bass heavy, it does have a warm sound and good frequency mix. I should point out here that the radio is not actually very loud – loud enough to fill a room but I wouldn’t use it for a house party. I’m tempted to buy the additional speaker and see how much of an improvement this provides.

The second concern was about the usability of the radio – how difficult it is to navigate the menus and get around it’s functions. There were some reviews on Amazon expressing dismay at this, but again I have to disagree. This radio is not hard to use at all. I’ve not used a manual or the accompanying quick start guide. The radio menu system is fairly intuitive and I know my way around it after only about 10 minutes playing with it.

What is all good is the opportunity to create an online ‘Pure Connect’ account and manage your favourite Internet stations and on-demand shows from there. When you load of a list of Internet radio stations or ‘Listen Back’ shows – it’s huge. Using the small dial to navigate this list takes ages, so the opportunity of managing favourites from a computer is appealing.

Two drawbacks about this radio: Firstly, the two dials on the radio do seem a little lightweight. They are made of metal, but I don’t think they’d last long if you are prone to dropping things. Secondly there is no record function or system to enable pausing of live radio. I don’t think I’d ever us this function to be honest, so I’m not really missing it.

Finally, what I also like about it is the opportunities to upgrade the radio. You can buy an additional speaker, remote, battery pack and iPod/iPhone Dock. If you’re looking for a well presented, more advanced DAB/Internet radio, then I’d recommend this one. You get currently buy this from Amazon for about £122.

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