Voice!! App Review

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There’s no shortage of apps on the Apple App Store that deal with recording. But what about an app that records sounds and triggers those recordings in a performance situation? I’ll be taking a look at the ‘Voice!!’ App that does just that…

The first thing to say about it is that it looks very simple and straightforward to use. It is. This is very much a no frills application which provides a recording function and 22 buttons to assign them to. To record, simply hit the record switch then select which button you want to trigger that recording.


This is all the app actually does. If you want to be able to trim samples or edit the recordings in any way, you will need to look elsewhere. This app however, is good for a complete beginner for recording and triggering samples in a live performance. There are some issues to overcome however. It’s easy to record some brief silence at the beginning of a recording, then you either have to re-record your sample or work out when to trigger the sample in advance to overcome this accidental latency. Just a small thing to bear in mind.

This app is free from the App Store and is worth trying out especially if your new to this. Download the Voice!! App here.

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