Splosh: Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning

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It’s the kind of thing you’d see on TV show ‘Dragons Den’. An environmentally-friendly company selling mail order cleaning products. What makes the products environmentally-friendly? Well, the fact that you only get the bottles on your first order. After that you just order sachets of concentrated liquid that you mix with water and add them to the bottles you keep.

The idea is that you no longer buy endless containers that you then throw away or recycle, thus being a bit more greener. Apparently the sachets you order will fit through the letter box making it a bit easier too.

The products available are kitchen, bathroom and floor cleaners, washing up liquid, laundry detergent and hand soap.

Our first order arrived a few days ago and we’ve been trying them out. The bottles are good quality so will definitely last a while. They are also a decent size. The hand soap we ordered seems to be getting used up quite quickly so if that’s one of the products you order, it’s likely you’ll be buying refills on a regular basis. Overall though, so far so good.

In terms of price, I would say you probably won’t save much money than if you bought the cleaning products in the shops. I think the main selling point is that you won’t be throwing away bottles every week and having the sachets delivered to your home is easier than carrying all this stuff back from the supermarket. Definitely worth trying out. Visit their website at www.splosh.com

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