The iPad Has Made Me Love Photography Again

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I’ve been taking photos on a fairly regular basis since I got a half decent camera in about 2006. Since then, I upgraded to my first DSLR in late 2011 – a Canon 600D.

Whilst I’ve always been keen to take photos when I’m out and about, being bothered to go out and explore has always been an issue. I therefore ended up only using the camera about once a month or so, when an opportunity came to go somewhere interesting.

I live in the countryside and there are endless walks and interesting places to visit and photograph, but I’ve never taken the time to explore them properly. I think part of the issue is what I do with the photographs after I took them.


Recently however, I can’t stop taking photos. I can’t wait to go to the next place on my list and take some more shots and share them on my online gallery. There are two reasons for this sudden desire to take more photos again.

The first is the excellent redesign of Flickr. I love the way the photos are now displayed with and an endless scrolling gallery and thumbnails that support retina display devices. On these devices the galleries look stunning.

The second and most important factor however, is incorporating my iPad into my workflow. Since buying a lightning to SD card connection kit, I’ve used the iPad as my sole tool for editing and sharing my photos online. I find it so much easier and quicker than firing up the computer and having to sit at a desk. With the iPad, I can edit and upload wherever, whenever, even having the photos being uploaded within minutes of them being taken. Certain apps make things a lot more fun and easier too, such as Snapseed for editing the photos and using the iPhone/iPad app GeoTagr to geotag my photo’s exact location. Flickrstackr also allows me to upload my photos to Flickr, adding them to different galleries and organising them efficiently.

I’ll be off on a short holiday soon, knowing that the days of waiting to get home to edit and share my photos are long gone.

I think I’ll start blogging about some of the places I go to as well as some posts about my kit and the apps I use in my workflow. Taking photos has never been so much fun.

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