USA Gear DSLR Camera Rucksack Review

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I’ve been shopping around for a good camera backpack for a while now. I tend to take a lot of stuff around with me when out taking photos, including my iPad and recently acquired USB charger.

I had a set of criteria when looking for a bag, which were quite specific to my needs:

– Would hold an iPad or Laptop
– Will hold a camera with a battery grip
– Had a bottle holder
– Had enough pockets and storage for loads of accessories
– Enough space to keep chargers and my point-and-shoot camera
– Was a reasonable price

20130816-211225.jpgWhilst looking on Amazon I came across the USA Gear Heavy Duty Rucksack which seemed to fit all these needs. At £54.99 it was extremely competitively priced compared to other brand named bags.

When it arrived, I was surprised at the size. When I read some of the reviews I was expecting it to be massive, but it really isn’t. Just the size of normal backpack really. It held everything I wanted it to really well and there is enough customisation possibilities to make it flexible for most people. There are other nice touches too such as the SD card holding pocket and the option of wearing it traditionally or in a sling-style way.

20130816-211653.jpgThere are ample storage pockets for all your accessories too. In fact, I discovered a few more whilst writing this review! The quality of this bag seems pretty good. I mean, it’s a fifty pound bag so you can’t throw it out of a window three stories up and expect the equipment to be okay, but it’s good enough for safely travelling around with. The extra chest straps also make it pretty comfortable to wear too. I think for the price, it’s a great product and it’ll definitely be getting a lot of usage.

If you want to buy the USA Gear DSLR Camera Rucksack, you can get it from Amazon.

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