SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SD Card Review

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I should say right away, I’m reviewing this from a slightly weird angle. This review will probably be useful for someone who owns a slightly older DSLR camera as opposed to someone who has something much more recent that will take advantage of this SD Card’s speed.

I bought this Class 10 SD Card this week because I wanted to start taking more photos in RAW. I always stick to SanDisk for SD cards as they have always been incredibly reliable. I already own two SanDisk Extreme 16GB SD cards that run at speeds of 30MB/s and 45MB/s.

The Extreme Pro promises speeds of up to 95MB/s which is incredibly fast. If you have a good enough camera, you’ll be able to take advantage of these great speeds. I currently own a Canon 600D which although it will be able to use this card, it doesn’t appear to take advantage of the increased speed. I was able to use burst mode to take 6-7 shots in RAW format before the camera struggled to keep up. With a better camera, I imagine it wouldn’t be a problem. When comparing it to my SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s SD card, it was exactly the same – 6 to 7 Raw photos.

I’ve tested filming footage in 1080p at 25fps and 720p at 50fps and the memory card coped fine after filming several minutes of footage.

When copying files to my 2010 MacBook Pro, it took 16 seconds to copy 17 RAW format photos (about 391MB in total) to my SSD hard drive. With my 45MB/s card, it took exactly the same amount of time.

I’ve also done a quick test in Aperture. Importing 634 high-res JPEG images took 2 minutes and 47s.

My advice to anyone looking for a decent SD card would be to check to see if your camera supports the higher speed. Otherwise there’s no point in the extra investment when a 30MB/s or 45MB/s card will do. If you have a Canon 600D like me, it’s best to save the cash and get a 45MB/s card at 64GB which will probably be cheaper than this one. However, this is still an excellent SD card and well worth the money if you have a good camera.

Click here to buy the 32GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SD Card from Amazon.

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