Review: RAVPower Icona 10000mAh Portable Charger

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Recently, I posted a review of the RAVPower Luster 3000 mAh portable charger. This is a great charger for the commute to work as it’s light and easy to carry around. But what about longer trips where you want to charge more than one item multiple times?

Alongside the RAVPower Luster, I decided to pick up the RAVPower Icona – a 10000mAh charger with two USB ports so I can charge my iPhone and iPad simultaneously. I’ve stayed in caravans or rooms for short breaks where power hasn’t been readily available. Having a charger like the RAVPower Icona is incredibly handy and easy to use.

RAVPower IconaThe charger is slightly larger and thicker than an iPhone and doesn’t weigh as heavily some similar chargers on the market. Put it in a bag and it’ll add very little weight. I probably wouldn’t try to keep it in a pocket as it may be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s portability is nonetheless impressive.

On the side, you’ll find two USB ports for charging your devices plus a micro-USB socket for charging the battery itself. You have a 1A and a 2A connection which is great for charging larger devices like tablets.

RAVPower IconaAlongside the micro-USB charging cable, you get 4 other cables which are compatible with a range of electronic devices – Apple-compatible cables aren’t provided though, so you’ll need to make sure you have a 30-pin or lightning cable with you when you travel.

Along the top of the external battery, you’ll find a level indicator that will let you know how much battery charge you have left with which to charge your devices. This is particularly handy as you can make sure you have a full charge before you head off on your journey.

RAVPower Icona

Based on my testing, you gain 1% of battery life every couple of minutes on an iPhone 5S or my 4th generation iPad. I managed to charge both devices 2-3 times on a single battery charge. This will obviously depend on what you are charging and how long for. Based on my needs, this was more than adequate in making sure I was charged for my weekend break.

As ever with RAVPower, this charger is of really good build quality. It comes in black or white – I got the white and the gloss plastic finish reminds of the iPhone 5C of the same colour. So not only functional, but it looks great too.

If you’re looking for an external battery for your mobile devices for longer trips away from home, then I definitely recommend this, probably more so over the Anker I reviewed last summer. It’s lighter and more attractive. You can pick one up from Amazon for just £19.99 which doesn’t exactly break the bank.

Head over to Amazon to pick one up. Trust me, it’s worth having one of these.

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