My New Favourite Website is about Desks

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Okay, prepare yourself for a DEFCON 3 level of nerd.

A few months ago I came across David Wu’s website with pictures and a detailed explanation of how he transformed his study into a room that looks much like the inside of an Apple Store.

It was inspiring to see such a nice looking workspace, but this example must have cost an incredible amount of money to carry out.

Last week, a new website called was doing the rounds on Twitter. It showcases visitor submitted images of people’s Mac based offices and work stations.

Each one looks great and many of them share a wonderful minimalism that is very Apple. Again, I feel pretty inspired looking at these images. I’d love to have a set up like this, but I don’t have the space, plus the endless music recording equipment I have wouldn’t fit in with the minimalist feel seen on that website.

Still, I can dream. Maybe I should get a shed…

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