Some Amazing Music Teaching Resources


Since starting the term school term I’ve slowly been getting my mindset back into teaching and creating lessons once again. Here are some awesome things I’ve discovered recently:

The English Pocket Opera Company

Head over to their ‘Song Room’ tab to find a load of fantastic resources for singing. Loads of free PDF downloads ranging from warm-ups to getting students to sing in harmony. I’ve used some of these already and they’re great.

Teaching Music: Practice Strategies for KS3

It costs a whopping £49.95, but this eBook for computer and tablet is fast becoming my holy grail. A lot of the book is about improving practice, but there are TONS of ideas for lessons and projects.

New Music Curriculum Guidance

Not entirely sure who built this website, but it provides a useful breakdown of the new music curriculum in the UK. Loads of helpful links to YouTube videos and other resources.

Teach Through Music

Teachers who work in London can apply for free music CPD. There’s too much to write about it here, so click the link and have a look to see what it’s about.

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