Six Things the New iPad Needs to Have


I have a 4th generation iPad and I have to be honest, I hardly use it. The iPhone has become my device of choice for web browsing, e-mailing and reading. My iPad is just too heavy and inconvenient to use. I’m tempted to try out an iPad Mini if this product line gets a refresh as expected in mid-October. However, I think it needs some big improvements before I’m tempted to spend over £600 on another new device.

  1. Touch ID
    This one is almost certainly going to happen. It works so great on the iPhone it seems a perfectly logical addition to the next generation of Apple tablets.
  2. Improved Camera Sensor and Functions
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those iPad photographers, but I do use it to record video in my line of work. The problem is, the sensor on the camera sucks. No matter how well lit the room is, the resulting footage is always grainy. Give the iPad a similar sensor to the iPhone and it will be much more appealing. I’d also like to see the addition of the Time-lapse and Slo-mo functions  in the native app too.
  3. Improved Graphics
    The iPad Mini graphics are not good. There is noticeable colour desaturation on the mini when compared to the iPad Air. Also, it would be good to see improve graphics capabilities across both iPads for gaming. Some games I have struggle on my current iPad.
  4. Faster Wifi
    This is another feature this is very likely to be seen on the new tablets. The iPhone 6 has seen support for the new 802.11ac standard, so it should arrive for the iPad too.
  5. Improved Design
    There’s a possibility I could be in the minority here, but I think the design of the iPhone 6 is great. The display looks much nicer and the rounded edges give it a fresher look. I would happily see the new iPads take design cues from the design of the latest iPhone. Also, moving the power button to the side would be useful.
  6. Lighter Weight
    There’s not much scope for making the iPads much lighter, but any difference in size and weight to make it easier to handle would be welcome. As I said earlier, my current iPad is just not comfortable to hold.

There’s been talk of Apple needing a killer feature for the new iPads. iPad sales have declined and simply adding Touch ID does not make it worth upgrading from previous models. It would also seem like Apple didn’t include Touch ID on the original iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display just so they could sell more iPads later on. Let’s hope Apple do something special to revitalise this product line.

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