Daily Grind – 07/10/14 – Loops, Windows 95, Calendars and Stands


Here’s the October 7th edition of the Daily Grind. Some interesting things on the internet I’ve found today. 

Loop Pedals are Cool

I’m slightly envious of people who not only own loop pedals but are able to operate them to get anything sounding good. Here’s the human Jukebox Benny (from the Axis of Awesome band) with a friend making a version of the song Happy. You’ll never look at your laundry basket and newspaper in quite the same way again.

 I Love Windows 95

I remember Windows 95 and 98 with great affection. I’m hoping that one day they re-release it for the iPad or something, just so I can experience it again. Although it probably won’t be as good as I remember it. The Verge has reported that someone has managed to install a version of Windows 95 on to their Android Wear smart watch. It barely works, but so did my Olivetti 166MHz PC that I used to run it on.

They Are Too Many Gadget Stands


irest_girl_backWhy bother making stands for portable gadgets? Today I saw something called the iRest. It’s an iPad stand for when you’re sitting down and face that stressful situation of not be able to hold it. Like if you’re holding your phone, Kindle and TV remote at the same time. Or something.

Turns Out Google Calendars is Quite Useful

If you don’t mind having targeted advertising based on your Grandmother’s Dog’s upcoming birthday, it turns out that publicly shared calendars can be pretty useful. A quick look at Google’s Calendar Help Page shows you a number of calendars you can subscribe to.

Religious holidays, Sports fixtures… some dude even made a calendar for UK cinema release dates. So if you’re a buddhist Arsenal supporter (let’s face it, their fans need some inner Zen right now) who has a penchant for comic book hero movies, you’re in luck.

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