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Will 3D Touch Kill Off the iPhone’s Home Button?

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On Saturday at 8:01am BST, I sat at home refreshing the Apple app on my iPhone 5S. As has been the case in the past, Apple’s website is usually quite unreliable when it comes to preordering. The preorder process for the iPhone 6s had been delayed by a few minutes, but luckily I still managed to get my preorder completed whilst many others took to Twitter venting their frustrations that the Apple store website was still not live.

Earlier in the week I sat watching Apple’s fantastic keynote pondering on the implications of the new 3D touch technology being incorporated into the latest incarnation of the iPhone. The ‘Peek and Pop’ feature does look useful as well as being able to select which function of a particular app you want to use before you even open it. One of the features I was most pleased about was the new way in which you can switch between apps. Instead of having to double-press the home button, pressing down on the left side of the phone lets you access the app switcher.

I’ve always found double-pressing the home button to be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes the phone doesn’t always recognise the double-press, or there is a lag which is quite annoying. 3D touch means that the home button has one less reason to be used.

It leaves me wondering whether the iPhone 7 would be redesigned to not include the home button at all. If Apple figures out a way of having a finger print scanner in the screen and a 3D touch method of getting to the homescreen quickly, this could be a feature of Apple’s expected iPhone redesign.

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