iPad Pro Instead of a Laptop: Day 21

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There’s been a bit of a gap between these iPad Pro posts as I’ve really been wanting to see how much I use it instead of my MacBook Pro. The answer, is a lot more.

In the last week or so, there have been some great updates to a number of apps bringing new features and iPad Pro support, my favourite being Korg Gadget and iMaschine. These are my two favourite music apps for the iPad, giving me a completely new way of writing music.

Some apps are still lacking however and a lot of this is down to Google. YouTube still doesn’t support the iPad Pro’s resolution, nor does their app for creators ‘YouTube Capture’. I much prefer uploading videos through Safari or Chrome, which surprised me by giving me the option to upload from a number of different cloud services. Google Sheets is another disappointing app. Again, it doesn’t support the correct resolution nor any of the great add-ons found in the browser version of Google Docs. When working with a larger spreadsheet, Google Docs in the browser is painfully slow to the point where it’s barely usable.

The SoundCloud app whilst looking good, is poor for content creators. Unfortunately, it’s also bad in the browser too. I needed to change the artwork for a particular track and the only way I could do this is with my laptop.

However, some apps have been great. ‘Replay’ is an app for creating videos out of photos and short video clips and that’s been great. ‘Over’ is an app for overlaying text and graphics over images. I used this yesterday to create artwork for a track I released on SoundCloud.

Finally, and I don’t know when this happened, but AirPlay, a function for iOS and OS X which has been so incredibly rubbish in the past, has now become indispensable.

Tomorrow, I shall be leaving the laptop at home and working only with the iPad Pro. I’ll let you know how it goes. Below I’ve put a copy of the track I made over the weekend using Korg Gadget. Enjoy!

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