How to Support this Blog!


So this blog has been up for several years (since 2010!) and hopefully over time you have found some interesting articles along the way.
Obviously coming up with content takes up time (and sometimes money). So the list below has a few things you could do to support this blog. I hope you’ll consider helping out.

1. Change your Amazon Bookmark

If you frequently shop at Amazon, it would be awesome if you could change your bookmark to this address:

Amazon (UK):

Amazon (US):

These are affiliate links, meaning I get a small amount of revenue from every purchase you make. I don’t get access to your personal information and I don’t know what specific people have ordered and you certainly don’t pay any more for your items. In fact you’ll notice no difference at all, but you’ll be helping me out.

2. Sign up for Dropbox using this Link

If you need to store files in the cloud, please use the link below to sign up to Dropbox. By doing so, we’ll both receive an extra 500MB of free space!

Sign up to Dropbox here

3. Sign up to Now TV using this link

Now TV is a service from Sky that lets you watch Entertainment, Movies and Sports Channels online using your computer, tablet or phone. You also get access to a big library of on demand content too. Using the links below to sign up means I’ll get a £10 voucher and you’ll get 50% off your first three months.

Now TV Entertainment

Now TV Movies

Now TV Sports

4. Sign up the Dreamhost

If you need a company to host your website, check out Dreamhost a highly reliable service with many different packages to suit your needs. You can also purchase domain names too. If you sign up to a hosting package, I will receive $97 for an annual plan or $30 for a monthly plan. This money comes off the cost of hosting this website (Yes, I used Dreamhost).

Sign up to Dreamhost

5. Click Links in my Articles

If you read one of my reviews or articles and there is a link to a specific app, album, game or other digital or physical product, it’s likely that it’s an affiliate link. Any sales made through these links will give me a small percentage of the sale.

And finally…

Please continue to leave comments on the blog as well as share on social media. I enjoy running this blog and would like to keep going as long as possible with your support.

Enjoy this? Then please consider supporting me on Patreon. For $1 per month you will get early access to new videos, free downloads of my music plus other exclusive content.

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