Review: Anneks Screen Protector for iPhone SE

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Technology gets harder and harder to repair. And more and more expensive. And through this fast-paced evolution of technology we’re experiencing this decade, it’s becoming increasingly more fragile. It’s not fair to compare a Nokia 3310 tank to an iPhone, but it’s a comparison I’ve frequently seen.

So, when you drop several hundred pounds, dollars or other currency of your choice on a smartphone, it makes sense to keep it protected. I’m sure you remember when a screen protector was nothing more than glorified cello tape. For the last few years though, it’s all very different.

Anneks Screen ProtectorAnneks are a fantastic manufacturer of screen protectors for iPhones, iPads and Samsung Phones. What’s more, a quick price check on Amazon shows just how reasonably priced they are. Inside the thin packaging you get what is essentially a kit. Alongside the screen protector is a Microfibre cloth, alcohol wipe and sticker, all to make sure your phone’s screen is completely clean and ready for the protector to be applied.

Anneks’ screen protector covers the phone’s screen and most of the bezel on the iPhone SE/5S. Fitting it is very easy and it’s easy to line up with the Touch ID button. The most impressive thing is how it feels. It doesn’t feel like a screen protector when you use the phone. It feels just like the glass. The protector is very thin and to be honest the only real tell-tale sign you have one is that the Touch ID button feels a little different – but you get used to that.

I’ve used and reviewed Anneks screen protectors before so it’s no surprise how good they are. When I tested out the iPhone 6S Plus protector, I scratched keys against it, a pen knife and a carving knife. Not a scratch. Everything just glides off of it. It’s brilliant.

If you want to protect your expensive phone and would like to pick up this screen protector, then you can buy them from Amazon (UK) or Amazon (US).

Disclaimer: I received this item for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

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