What’s on my Apple Watch?

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Since WatchOS 3 came out, it’s made the original Apple Watch so much better. I’m still tempted by the series 2 though. In this post, I thought I’d share what’s on my Apple Watch. Some apps I’ve had for a while, some more recently and one this morning.

BBC News

Apple Watch BBC NewsI’ve tried a few different news apps, but the BBC News one seems to be the most useful. It displays the latest news headlines and a brief summary or each story. You can then read the rest on your phone if you want to. Other news apps like those from Yahoo or the Guardian didn’t really have enough content for the Apple Watch and weren’t very useful.

Carrot Weather

Apple Watch Carrot WeatherIt’s great on iPhone and the Apple TV and it’s very good on the watch. Carrot Weather tells you the weather with its infamous blunt/humorous delivery. It’s not as pretty as the Yahoo Weather app, but it loads a lot quicker. It’ll give you short term forecast and a summary of the next 7 days.


Apple Watch OnefootballOnefootball provides a quick way of letting you see the upcoming game or recent score for your favorite football team. It’ll also let you see the day’s scores for other teams in the same division. Works well as an app to keep in your dock. If you tap on a match, it will give you a breakdown of in-game events and goal scorers. In addition to scores, it will give you notifications to breaking news stories about your favourite team.

Tube Map

Apple Watch Tube MapThis one is only useful if you live or travel to London quite a lot. This app gives you the line status of all the London Underground lines. Despite the name, it doesn’t actually display the map on your watch though – you’ll need your phone for this. Not one that I use very often, but helpful to have when traveling to see if you’ll face any delays. It has a pretty quick load/update time as well.


Apple Watch StreaksThis is the app that I downloaded this morning and I can already tell it will becoming quite useful. With this app, you set yourself 6 targets that you would like to achieve each day (or you can specify which days). You’ll get reminders to complete the task throughout the day (you can set the times for these) and the idea is that you build up streaks of consecutive days when you complete these tasks. Tasks can be anything from ‘Walk 8000 steps’ to ‘Read for 10 minutes’. The app talks to Apple’s Health app for certainly activity related tasks. This is a great app for those looking to achieve a better work/life balance.


Apple Watch MoodnotesMoodnotes is a diary that acts as a mood tracker. How much detail and how deep you want to get into it is entirely up to you. You can quickly rank your mood everyday by simply selecting from a range of smiling or sad faces ranging from ecstatic to miserable. You can then discuss your day in more detail and the app will ask you questions if you are experiencing any negative emotions. The Apple Watch app is fairly limited as it only lets you select a smiley/sad face to reflect your current mood, but it provides a nice way of updating your diary quickly.


Apple Watch ViewRangerIf you’re into hiking, ViewRanger is the one. It’s an app that allows you to purchase walking routes to help you prepare for the next hike. There’s a decent range and users can submit their own routes to share with others. The Watch app is currently limited as it only displays walking direction, distance to the end and a few other metrics. However a massive update is on the way which takes advantage of the Series 2 GPS and will allow you to download routes to the watch to use it independent of your phone.


Apple Watch Sleep++Sleep tracking on the Apple Watch is fairly limited and until Apple come up with their own app, you’ll need to use a third-party one. Sleep++ is a simple sleep tracker that uses your watch to monitor movement whilst you’re sleeping. Data is sent to the iPhone app which then shares the data with Apple’s Health app. The data you get from it is fairly basic but its simplicity is what makes it very good.


Apple Watch FantasticalFor those with busy work lives and live or die by the use of reminders and alerts, Fantastical is simply brilliant. There are apps for Mac, iOS and Apple Watch and they talk to each other flawlessly. Set an appointment or reminder on any device and an alert will appear on the watch to let you know where you need to be. Force-Touching inside the app allows you to use Siri to create a new event or reminder. The complication is also very good, especially if you use the modular Watch face.

A Tiny Game of Pong

Apple Watch A Tiny Game of PongThe classic computer game ‘Pong’ is available on the Apple Watch and is a great example of how games are possible on the tiny screen. On the original Apple Watch it was a bit slow but it works much better with the new processor found in the Series 1 and 2. It’s a very simple game and will remember your highest score.

Other Apps

The other apps that I have are fairly basic but useful. I’ve grouped them together as they are fairly self-explanatory: Instagram, Flipboard, Swarm, TweetBot, 1Password and all the inbuilt stock apps.

So that’s what’s on my Apple Watch. Got any killer app suggestions? Let me know in the comments below.

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