Vinyl Club: Metallica – Jump in the Fire


When I was younger, I would have quite possibly donated an organ in exchange for some rare Metallica vinyl. Thankfully, these days despite still being a fan, I am slightly less keen to engage in a risky unethical exchange.

I was out in Cambridge last weekend and stumbled across what has now become my favourite record store. Black Barn Records, launched and run by lottery-winning millionaire rock fan Adrian Bayford, has a stunning collection of vinyl LPs. Somehow I only spent about £60 on this visit, but I could have spent much more. No doubt I will after the next pay day.

Metallica Jump in the FireOne record I came across was the Jump In The Fire single from Metallica. I’d seen pictures of this when I was younger and never thought I’d see it in the flesh. £15.  For a single that would usually indicate it’s in decent condition.

I played it for the first time this evening. It sounds great. It sounds warmer than the CD version of Kill ’em All and there is so much clarity in the bass, which is fitting given it’s Cliff Burton. On the b-side there are live versions of Seek and Destroy and Phantom Lord. Again, these sound great. I’ve heard various early live recordings from Metallica before but there is something about these recordings that are brought to life on vinyl.

I’ve recently got a bunch of Metallica vinyl so I’ll be working my way through these over the next few weeks.

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