Apple Watch Series 4: 1 Week On…


It’s been just over a week since I started using the new Apple Watch Series 4. The new watch is a bit faster, has an ECG that we can’t use yet and a bigger screen. It might not seem like much of an upgrade from the Series 3, but that bigger screen size makes it a very compelling upgrade.

Whilst only 2 extra millimetres larger, the extra screen space makes it so much more usable. Apps are slowly being updated for the new display and the ones that already are look great.

Areas that require touch, such as buttons, are larger, which means you are prone to fewer errors. Entering in the passcode for instance, is much easier. More text being visible on the screen means less scrolling and a less cumbersome experience.

Watch OS 5 allows HTML emails to be read and websites to seen when links are clicked. This is actually far from a gimmick and the new size watch makes it very useful.

Scrolling using the Digital Crown feels more responsive with the haptic feedback. It doesn’t feel like an analogue watch, you can tell that it’s not real, but the extra feedback makes it more accurate, especially when viewing your apps in lost view like I do.

That new infograph watch face with a billion complications on it is so good. It holds so many, I haven’t been able to use them all. Some apps have updated their complication compatibility to display information even in the tiny corner complications. The Things app complication manages to squeeze a brief preview of one of my lists in the corner. Perfectly readable and again, very useful.

For the extra expense, and the Series 4 is significantly more expensive than the Series 3, it would have been nice to see more storage space available. 16GB is now available on both cellular and GPS-only models and as I said in a recent blog post, I love storing music on the watch and using it as a modern-day iPod.

Overall, the Apple Watch series 4 has been something of a revelation. Mainly through that bigger screen, but the scroll wheel and much faster loading times gives this the edge. The new price is difficult to swallow, but it’s a worthy upgrade.

I’m discovering some new apps for the Watch that are great and make good use of the Series 4. Look out for an updated “What’s on my Apple Watch” post soon.

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