Elektronik – New Album Out 5th October


On the 5th October, I will be releasing a new album. ‘Elektronik’ is a compilation of electronic music I’ve written over the last few years and it just so happens that this album was made using Korg Gadget for iPad.

The new album features 15 tracks:

  1. Retroholic
  2. The Unbroken Halo
  3. Decadent Symphony
  4. My Television is Haunted
  5. These Happy People
  6. Revenge of the Dragon Killer
  7. Don’t Do It
  8. This Sleeping Man
  9. The Time Traveller
  10. 22nd Place
  11. Havana Electric
  12. Breaking a Star
  13. Dancing with Dinosaurs
  14. Wasteland
  15. Lady Grapes

You can pre-order the album here. iTunes and Apple Music customers can hear the track ‘Havana Electric’ right now.

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