Nintendo Switch Wall-Mounted Setup!


During a short break from work, I spent some time sorting out a gaming setup for the bedroom. As we have a couple of Nintendo Switch consoles at home, I decided that the Switch should be the focus for this. So here is what the final setup looks like and how I achieved it.

Wall-Mounted Nintendo SwitchSo first of all let’s go through the items that are in the setup. First up is a Nintendo Switch and dock which actually came with the grey Joy Cons seen lower down in the image. Shortly after getting it I bought the Neon Pink and Green Joy Cons because they look damn good.

Below the Switch dock is a PowerA Joy-Con charging dock, which is where the old grey Joy Cons live. This charges directly from the Switch Dock, connected to the USB port inside.

Also in shot are a couple of Nintendo Joy-Con Steering wheels and Game holder stands.

I posted this setup on Reddit, and it attracted a lot of attention, many people loving it and a bunch of naysayers saying it’ll either fall down or the Switch will overheat. Neither has happened to me yet, and shouldn’t for you if you use common sense.

All the items have been wall-mounted using 3M Picture-Hanging Strips. I live in the UK, it doesn’t get too hot and the walls are painted. I’ve used these for large picture frames for years and they have always worked. However, if you live in a warmer climate, you may need to consider something stronger. Amazon sell very strong Velcro if that’s the case. The steering wheels use simple adhesive hooks, although they aren’t a very good fit so I need to look for a suitable replacement.

Cable management is okay here, but I rent so I’m not drilling into the walls to hide everything. Plus the advantage of Velcro is that I can take it down and pack it for travelling. However, cable management behind the TV is made with these adhesive wire clips which stick to the back of the TV and lets me hide the wires. Back-lighting is from this USB-Powered Lighting Strip pack from Amazon.

A couple of things to remember. Most importantly is the back door on the Switch dock. This opens very easily. You’ll need to tape this shut, otherwise your Switch will definitely fall down. Don’t use cello tape either as it’s not strong enough. Gorilla tape works great for me.

Secondly, you are restricting airflow to/from the Switch by having the dock on the wall. I only game for an hour or two at a time and this is fine. Extended gaming sessions, should probably make you consider a different solution.

The setup works great for me and it’s holding up fine. I have no room for a table or shelf here (I know the picture doesn’t show it), so this is a great solution for me.

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