10 Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories for 2019


If you’ve unwrapped a Nintendo Switch over the festive period, then you may be eager to explore what accessories you should buy to get the most out of your new console. I’ve owned my Switch for several months now, and I’ve done the exploring so you don’t have to! Here are my favourite accessories for the Nintendo Switch.

Screen Protector

Nintendo Switch Screen ProtectorFirst on your list should be a Screen Protector. There have been numerous reports of screens getting scratched when being inserted and removed from the dock. They are fairly cheap and provide great protection for the Switch. I’ve found that a tempered glass screen protector also feels better than the actual Switch screen when using touch controls – much similar to a mobile phone.

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Nintendo Switch Everywhere BagIf you’re in the habit of staying in different places and want to take your Switch and all of the accessories with you, you’ll need a large bag for it all. I use the Nintendo Switch Everywhere Bag from PowerA. It holds the Dock, Pro Controller, Power Supply and the Switch itself which has it’s own case to keep it protected. The only downside is that there are no slots for game cartridges, but there is a zipped compartment at the back to store games inside.

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Small Switch Case

Orzly Nintendo Switch CaseIf you want a smaller case to take the basics, check out the Orzly Nintendo Switch Case. It’s at a very reasonable price and can hold your Switch, charging cable, and a bunch of games.

Buy from Amazon US or Amazon UK

MicroSD Card

MicroSD CardThe Nintendo Switch has 32Gb of storage. Lots of games come on cartridges, but digital-only games and updates will still need somewhere to be stored. The good news is that you can upgrade the storage fairly cheaply with a MicroSD card. Get one from a reputable brand and don’t worry too much about paying for ultra fast cards.

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Anker Official Power Charger

Anker Switch ChargerCharging cables are a bit of a tricky one with the Nintendo Switch. There have been many reports and subsequent paranoia regarding third-party charging cables bricking Nintendo Switch consoles. This Anker portable charger with USB-C cable is approved by Nintendo themselves and had the branding etched into the power bank too. There are times when I want to continue using the Switch but don’t want to move near to a plug socket to do so. This is obviously also awesome when you’re travelling and need some portable battery power.

Buy from Amazon US or Amazon UK

Nintendo Online Subscription

Nintendo Switch OnlineControversial this one. The online subscription is cheap, but nowhere near as fully featured as its PlayStation and Xbox counterparts. As well as enabling online multiplayer functionality, you also gets loads of NES games to meet all your retro gaming needs.

Buy from Amazon UK

SN30 Pro Controller

SN30 ProIf you need a controller with a D-Pad that’s much better than the one on the left joy-con, this is the one. It’s great for retro games (see above), but is great to use on many different gaming types. It has vibration built in and large comfortable buttons and controls. It’s also quite cheap to pick up, especially if you wait for an Amazon Lightning deal.

Buy from Amazon US or Amazon UK

Nintendo Pro Controller

Switch Pro ControllerThis is expensive, but totally worth it if you often play in docked mode. Whilst more expensive than PS4 or Xbox controllers, it’s well-built, comfortable, responsive and much easier to use than the Joy-Cons. Not cheap, but totally worth it.

Buy from Amazon US or Amazon UK

Nintendo Switch Grip

Nintendo Switch GripWhen in handheld mode, it can sometimes become quite uncomfortable to hold, especially for those with larger hands. There are many Switch grips available online. I picked up one by Dragon Slay which includes rear cartridge slots for 5 games. It can detach easily too when you want to switch to docked mode. This makes it much more comfortable to hold when using for extended periods.

Buy from Amazon US or Amazon UK

Joy Con Grips

Joy-con GripsFinally, here are some grips for the Joy-Con controllers. The Switch is great for “couch co-op” especially as each Joy-Con can become a separate controller. That said, on their own they are quite small. These Joy-Con grips make them much easier to hold and playing Mario Kart has never been this much fun.

Buy from Amazon US or Amazon UK

That’s it for this round up of Switch Accessories – Did I miss anything off? Is there anything else you would recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

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