iPhone 6s

Will 3D Touch Kill Off the iPhone’s Home Button?

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On Saturday at 8:01am BST, I sat at home refreshing the Apple app on my iPhone 5S. As has been the case in the past, Apple’s website is usually quite unreliable when it comes to preordering. The preorder process for the iPhone 6s had been delayed by a few minutes, but luckily I still managed to get my preorder completed whilst many others took to Twitter venting their frustrations that the Apple store website was still not live.

Great Android Apps for Musicians (that are free!)

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Last month I got myself a HTC Android phone. As much as I’m a fan of Uncle Steve’s Apple products £40+ per month for an iPhone is just too much for me. Still, it’s not like getting an Android is a bad thing, there’s tons of apps to rival Apple’s growing collection and I was pretty much sold on the seamless integration with Google accounts (mail, calendar etc). I was browsing the Android market recently and I decided to check out what music apps existed for us musicians for those times when we’ve forgotten our tuners.

The ‘Kindle’ from Amazon – A Brief Look…

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A few months ago I posted about switching to a ‘digital lifestyle’. Back then I was talking about switching to a digital music and film library with my iMac as the entertainment hub. I’m sticking to it well and it’s saving me money – digital downloads are cheaper and I don’t have to pay for a TV license. What I’ve been keen to do since is do the same with my small book collection. I like the idea of saving space and having the luxury of having a collection of reading materials at my disposal, almost like having an iPod to read on. When the iPad was released I was excited about it and thought I may end up getting one. For me the iPad is like a large iPhone with enough storage space for many books, plus I liked the idea of being able to check e-mails or tweet on the go – but hang on, I can do all that stuff already on my existing phone. With prices starting at £429, the iPad is an expensive option for simply reading, even with the vast array of apps available to download. So I’ve been considering getting some sort of e-reader instead.

Product Review: Sanyo Xacti Sound Recorder (ICR-XPS01M)

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Every now and then I come across a new piece of technology and I usually end up wanting to buy one. Over the last few months I’ve been looking at portable sound recorders to use in school and for band rehearsals. Recently the band got one on loan when we needed to make a quick recording of some new tracks. The sound recorder in question is the Sanyo Xacti which unlike it’s counterparts by other manufacturers is actually a very small and handy size.