A Foray into 4K

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This week I’ve been creating and uploading 4K video. I say video… I, like many other people don’t yet own a device capable of recording 4K video so that is a little misleading. No, what I’m actually creating are photo slideshows in 4K.

A decent DSLR can take images with enough megapixels to cover the 3840×2160 dimensions found in this new Ultra-High Definition video format. Unfortunately, Aperture for Mac has very poor support for 4K video exports so I’ve resorted to Final Cut Pro instead. My poor MacBook Pro loses about 60GB of space every time I create a 2-3 minute video in 4K. When exporting, the fans go into overdrive and my work-horse laptop suddenly finds out what hard work really is.

I Found My School Report from 1999

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Do you have a box that you put letters and important documents in? I do. It’s was so full up it was about to burst. It was one of those portable filing boxes with segments for bills, finance, receipts etc. Trouble is someone in the past convinced me to keep all this paperwork because if I didn’t I would get in trouble somehow. I’m not entirely sure how but I’m sure I’ve heard in the past you must keep important documents for SEVEN YEARS.

Storify: Do you keep a diary?

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After reading through my diary last night, I started talking about it on Twitter. What followed on was a really interesting conversation with people across the world about how they keep diaries and what they put in them. I decided to keep all of the tweets on Storify and have posted them below.