Podcast: A Stroll in the Hertfordshire Countryside

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Thought I’d try and talk and walk at the same time.

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My Bechstein Upright Piano

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Bechstein PianoThe picture on this page is of my wonderful Bechstein piano. It’s an Arts and Crafts style piano from the early 20th century. I’ve seen another one on the internet dated 1906 so it’s from round about then. It was given to me by my old piano teacher. It was her husbands who no longer plays it due to illness. I haven’t spoken to her for a few years, but I’m sure she’d be happy to know it’s still looked after.

I was looking around on the internet for other pianos like it and came across this one that’s for sale in America. I’m not looking to sell mine, but these guys have done a really good job at restoring it. I’d love to restore mine, but I’m no furniture expert so I wouldn’t want to botch it. Perhaps one day I can pay for a professional restoration.

Four Things That Are Overrated

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The late, great writer and journalist once proclaimed “the four most overrated things in life are champagne, lobsters, anal sex, and picnics.”

Since then there’s an entire website dedicated to people listing their 4 overrated things. It’s on OverratedList.com. This got me thinking of what I would put on my list. I decided on the following…

Pimping Up my MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro InsideI’ve had my Macbook Pro a couple of years now. It’s the 15-inch, Mid 2010 model and it’s working great. Recently, I completed a big pimping up session to improve the speed and capability of my laptop.

The first thing I did was to upgrade it from 4GB RAM to 8GB. Unfortunately, 8 gig is the maximum amount it can take, but it’s still a decent amount. Because the laptop is a couple of years old, this is a fairly cheap upgrade with the parts bought from Crucial.

Blonde Moment with Cutlery

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I shop at Tesco. Yes, I’m probably not the multi-millionaire rock star who gets food delivered by Ocado you thought I was. What’s dangerous about me shopping at Tesco is that I’m easily swayed by promotions and offers.

So in that spirit of things I came across a stand of cutlery by Alessi that if you have 5 vouchers, you can get up to 80% off! So over time I collected my five vouchers and had my heart set on a set of dessert cutlery because eating cake with a dinner fork is just… not cool yeah?

Cook Stuffing for Roasts and Keep their Shape

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I’ve never posted about cooking before and I highly doubt it’ll be a regular venture as I’m no professional.

I’ve started cooking roast dinners as I’m bored of the usual easy meals usually consisting of pasta. What I found when cooking sage and onion stuffing was that when rolled into balls, they’d lose their shape in the oven and I’d end up with Sage and Onion pizza.

iPad Games: An Excuse for Nostalgia

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When I was about 16, I had a minor operation on my foot. I was told by the nurse that I would have to have 2 weeks off of school to “recover” and be visited by a district nurse every other day. I literally had to have my feet up for two weeks and for an only-child teenager, it would usually mean extreme boredom. However this turned out to be an awesome two weeks, because I had Baldur’s Gate.

The classic RPG computer game was my saviour and was also the first RPG that I have played which led me getting into all sorts of other great games like The Elder Scrolls, Dragonage and the Fallout series.