Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag Review

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This is the most expensive bag I’ve ever bought. It also looks a bit nice too.

This is the Everyday Messenger Bag from Peak Design. Previously, I’d bought their wrist straps for my cameras (and I don’t think I’ll ever buy any other type – so convenient), but this bag intrigued me.

In The Sky With A Lumix GH5

Photography, Technology

Dangling in the air, sat inside a cable cart crossing the river Thames. It’s windy and the cabin is rocking from side to side. I’m usually okay with heights, apart from the weird faces I pull whilst sitting in a plane that’s taking off.

On this occasion, as the cart rocks from side-to-side on a single cable, I’m left reminded of this facial expression and do my best to conceal it. Luckily the people sat opposite are on a FaceTime call (public video calls in London are a thing now, apparently).