iRig Keys I/O 25 Review

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I recently made a video about IK Multimedia’s new keyboard, the iRig Keys I/O 25. It’s a midi controller with built in audio interface and works with both laptops and iPads. If you like the video, please like, comment and subscribe over on YouTube.

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag Review

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This is the most expensive bag I’ve ever bought. It also looks a bit nice too.

This is the Everyday Messenger Bag from Peak Design. Previously, I’d bought their wrist straps for my cameras (and I don’t think I’ll ever buy any other type – so convenient), but this bag intrigued me.

Sony Walkman NW-A35 Review

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It was quite a spur of the moment purchase to be honest. I’ve always been looking at hi-resolution portable audio players and assumed that the one I’d eventually get would be one by Fiio.

Earlier this year, Sony announced a range of new portable audio players aimed at audiophiles including the gold NW-WM1Z (£2500, anyone?) as well as the much more affordable NW-A35. It’s at this point I have to say that Sony’s product naming conventions are terrible. 

Review: Anneks Screen Protector for iPhone SE

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Technology gets harder and harder to repair. And more and more expensive. And through this fast-paced evolution of technology we’re experiencing this decade, it’s becoming increasingly more fragile. It’s not fair to compare a Nokia 3310 tank to an iPhone, but it’s a comparison I’ve frequently seen.

Windows 8 Isn’t as Bad as I Expected

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It’s no secret that I’m a bit of an Apple fanboy but I like to think I give credit where it’s due to other tech manufacturers. I have a Retina MacBook Pro and recently I’ve been getting into gaming a bit more. Instead of buying a new PS4 or Xbox One, which quite frankly, already have outdated hardware, I thought I’d attempt to use my high-end Mac laptop to play some of the latest games.