Is Your Music Product Good Enough?


Yesterday I discussed how the idea of a record label is dead and how more and more artists see the self-released option as a chance to jumpstart their careers. You may be an musician or band contemplating releasing an album or an EP to the masses, be it in digital or physical format. Before you do this there are a number of things to consider before you do this, the first of which is the quality of the product that you re releasing.

Let’s be honest here, if your product is of a poor standard, you’re not likely to have much success with it. But like Art, Music is subjective and there are bound to be many people around the world who like what you do.

Lulu – Why Branding Sells More Than the Music Itself

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I’ll get this off of my chest now, before I move on to the real reason I’m writing about this album. ‘Lulu’ the collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica is the worst album I’ve ever heard. The reason I don’t like the album apart from the fact that it sounds awful, is just how pretentious it is. They’ve deliberately created this as a legacy project – in the vain hope that years down the line people will regard it as a work of genius. They could describe it as ‘artistic’ and a project of expression. However, the truly iconic examples of artistic works we’ve seen over time, weren’t created for the egotistical pursuit of legacy (at least most of them weren’t).

YouTube ‘Lyric’ Videos – A New Craze?

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It’s that time of year when bands gradually start rolling out new albums for the listening public. In the run up to the release date it’s now fairly common for them to release a ‘single’ to give fans a taster of what’s to come. ‘But it’s always been like that!’ I hear you say – well indeed, but the method of which the single is released and promoted  has changed dramatically.