Welcome to the Cloud

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Amazon today announced a new service that will soon be available called the ‘Cloud Player’. The idea is that users can upload their music tracks to their own space on the internet and access it from any computer or Android phone. This beats Apple and Google who are apparently developing similar systems themselves. The idea of a large amount of online storage space for general public use isn’t exactly a new idea (i.e. Dropbox), but the fact that the major players see this as the way forward means the demise of the CD and the hard drive.

The ‘Kindle’ from Amazon – A Brief Look…

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A few months ago I posted about switching to a ‘digital lifestyle’. Back then I was talking about switching to a digital music and film library with my iMac as the entertainment hub. I’m sticking to it well and it’s saving me money – digital downloads are cheaper and I don’t have to pay for a TV license. What I’ve been keen to do since is do the same with my small book collection. I like the idea of saving space and having the luxury of having a collection of reading materials at my disposal, almost like having an iPod to read on. When the iPad was released I was excited about it and thought I may end up getting one. For me the iPad is like a large iPhone with enough storage space for many books, plus I liked the idea of being able to check e-mails or tweet on the go – but hang on, I can do all that stuff already on my existing phone. With prices starting at £429, the iPad is an expensive option for simply reading, even with the vast array of apps available to download. So I’ve been considering getting some sort of e-reader instead.