Best iPad Apps for Music Teachers

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Late last year I got myself an iPad 2. Since then it has hardly ever left my side. In the classroom I use it to film music performances, keep track of student progress, make resources, plan lessons, play music to students and more.

The great thing about the iPad is that it’s multiple devices rolled into one. Whilst still quite an expensive luxury item, it’s changed a lot about the way I teach in the classroom. I’ve decided to review and list some of the best iOS apps I used in the classroom and write a bit about them. Some are paid, some are free, but it’s worth clicking the links and checking them out.

Spotify Deliver An Anti-Climax

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What with Apple, Amazon and other big companies regularly delivering press conferences and using them as an excuse to announce new products or big changes to their existing products, the announcement of yesterday’s press conference by Spotify did generate a fair bit of hype before hand.

Top of the rumour-mill was the possible announcement of a new iPad app for Spotify. To be honest, this app is massively overdue and it is really puzzling why this wasn’t available ages ago. Having to use a stretched iPhone version on a 10 inch screen is far from ideal. So it was with great disappointment to the world that yesterday’s press conference did not deliver… instead they announced a new partnership with Coca-Cola.

Spotify Apps – Get Yourself Prepared


Yesterday, Spotify announced that would be adding ‘Spotify Apps’ a free service allowing you to install add-ons to your Spotify software. This is going to be a pretty big deal for bands and musicians when it launches as it allows listeners to easily extended their listening experience to things like reading song lyrics, check for gig dates and connect to the artist through social networking websites. Although it’s not launched yet, bands and musicians ought to get ready by signing up to the likely partners that Spotify Apps will be incorporating.

Great Android Apps for Musicians (that are free!)

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Last month I got myself a HTC Android phone. As much as I’m a fan of Uncle Steve’s Apple products £40+ per month for an iPhone is just too much for me. Still, it’s not like getting an Android is a bad thing, there’s tons of apps to rival Apple’s growing collection and I was pretty much sold on the seamless integration with Google accounts (mail, calendar etc). I was browsing the Android market recently and I decided to check out what music apps existed for us musicians for those times when we’ve forgotten our tuners.