Soul Rebels Brass Band Visits Morpeth

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All the way from New Orleans, Soul Rebels Brass Band are currently on tour and on their visit to the UK stopped off at Morpeth School to put on a short concert and run a workshop with the schools’ big band Urban Playground. These guys sure know how to put on a show and the volume they create is immense. Sure enough, the hundred or so pupils who were lucky enough to attend the event gave them an rapturous welcome and got into the party atmosphere as they got up, sang, clapped and danced their way through the band’s short set which included a fantastic cover of Katy Perry’s track ‘California Gurls’.

The workshop for the schools’ big band ‘Urban Playground’ was equally impressive and provided an amazing opportunity for the pupils to get tips and advice from their professional visitors. The band ran through a couple of their numbers including the song ‘I Feel Good’ which later provided the musical backdrop for each pupil to perform a solo as part of the workshop.

It was fantastic and yet another memorable day for the music students at Morpeth School and another major coup for their highly successful Music department. I highly suggest you check out their EP on Spotify by clicking the link below.

Soul Rebels Brass Band are playing Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on July 20th and the Edinburgh Jazz Festival on July 22nd. For more information visit their website here.

Spotify: Soul Rebels Brass Band – Nothing But Love – EP

The Worst Band in the World

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I shall start by saying I get bored quite easily sometimes… So anyway, I’ve been looking through my phone today with a mixture of nostalgia and the hope of finding something ridiculous but possibly entertaining.

It seems that in the 21st century, we’ve become digital hoarders. I mean, the amount of junk I’ve found on my mobile phone is staggering including a series of photos that I took of myself from various angles whilst drinking. It’s not as bad as it sounds, it was mostly facial… although that doesn’t sound any better.

It wasn’t till I got to the sound clips folder on my phone that I found a true gem. My band played a gig in Brixton (and made it out alive) sometime in 2009 I think and I used my mobile to record the band that played after us for reasons you’ll discover upon hearing the clip I’ve posted. Like my mobile phone, there is a lot of junk out there in the world of music. A quick trawl through MySpace and you will hear some of the worst music has to offer. I always thought though, that these terrible bands never made it beyond ‘Bedroom mode’. A quick dodgy demo, rushed MySpace profile then a going of separate ways due to musical differences. Surely no live music promoter would EVER seriously consider putting one of these ‘bands’ on a stage?

It seems I was wrong. I have no idea what this band are called, but they are a 3-piece punk band. The bass player sang, the guitarist played something and the drummer tried his best. To give you an idea of how bad it was, in between each song, the bassist had to teach the guitarist what to play. Sitting open mouthed we were able to feast on the audible equivalent of Happy Meal minus the toy. I can’t really say anymore, except have a listen to this. Luckily for them the audience consisted of my band and the sound engineer. And to think we played BEFORE these guys!?

The Worst Band in the World