iPad Pro Instead of a Laptop: Day 21

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There’s been a bit of a gap between these iPad Pro posts as I’ve really been wanting to see how much I use it instead of my MacBook Pro. The answer, is a lot more.

In the last week or so, there have been some great updates to a number of apps bringing new features and iPad Pro support, my favourite being Korg Gadget and iMaschine. These are my two favourite music apps for the iPad, giving me a completely new way of writing music.

Some apps are still lacking however and a lot of this is down to Google. YouTube still doesn’t support the iPad Pro’s resolution, nor does their app for creators ‘YouTube Capture’. I much prefer uploading videos through Safari or Chrome, which surprised me by giving me the option to upload from a number of different cloud services. Google Sheets is another disappointing app. Again, it doesn’t support the correct resolution nor any of the great add-ons found in the browser version of Google Docs. When working with a larger spreadsheet, Google Docs in the browser is painfully slow to the point where it’s barely usable.

I Have a New Website!


For the past few weeks, I’ve been without a website. The main reason for this is due to a massive mess-up on my part. For 11 years I owned the address mattkeil.com and this summer, I forgot to renew it. I had three separate websites then, one for my blog, one for my music and one for my photography.

I decided to use this as an opportunity to rethink my online presence. So here we have it: Keil.Life

This new website combines all of the things I do into one simple easy to use website. It works particularly well on tablets and phones too which has been something I’ve been trying to fix for a while with my old websites. Finally, the website should be a lot faster to load. I’ve upgraded my web server and decluttered things so everything should be a lot snappier.

Currently the online store is not ready yet, but when it launches there will be some new products as well as some good opening day special offers.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you like the new look!

iPhone 6s

Will 3D Touch Kill Off the iPhone’s Home Button?

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On Saturday at 8:01am BST, I sat at home refreshing the Apple app on my iPhone 5S. As has been the case in the past, Apple’s website is usually quite unreliable when it comes to preordering. The preorder process for the iPhone 6s had been delayed by a few minutes, but luckily I still managed to get my preorder completed whilst many others took to Twitter venting their frustrations that the Apple store website was still not live.

Three Types of Music Video

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This is an article I first wrote in 2010, but as it was so popular, I decided to update it with more examples and some better explanations. I used to teach students music video production and as part of an introduction lesson I got them to learn and identify the three main types of music video. I thought I’d share this with with those of you who are teaching a similar topic or you are interested in creating music videos for yourself.

The Battle with Sony Music


As you may have heard from the last Episode of the Matt Keil Podcast, my band Le Monnier found ourselves in a dispute with Sony Music over rights to a song we uploaded to YouTube.

We think Sony may have been making money out of our music by falsely claiming one of our songs as their own. Are they doing this to other bands? We hope not. After Sony finally removed their claim to one of our videos, I posted this blog video on the band’s YouTube channel.