Mobile Storymaking

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I’m currently standing in the middle of Kings Cross station in London, nearly two hours early for a workshop at the Guardian on mobile storymaking. I hate being late for things so I tend to arrive stupidly early and hang around. On the plus side, it looks like today is going to be the hottest day of the year so this near 2 hour long gap means I can walk to the Guardian offices round the corner at such a slow pace, I can avoid turning into an epic sweatball and arrive looking as good as an overweight man who’s hurtling towards his 30s can do.

Today’s workshop is about using mobile technology to tell a story. I guess from a blogging or journalism point of view, using apps like Vine, Storify and Audioboo can help writers and journalists provide stories on the fly, quickly recording or microblogging and getting stuff out there quicker than ever.