Another Cloud Storage Service, But This One’s Quite Good

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Another day, another cloud storage service appears on my radar. I already have Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and SkyDrive services and recently I’ve added yet another, except this one, is probably the best I’ve used so far.

‘Copy’ is a service available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android that gives you 15GB of free storage, plus for every friend referral you make, you get a bonus 5GB! That is much more generous than many other cloud services, although it does leave you wondering how the company will make any money.


Using Copy is very similar to Dropbox. It will install a folder on your computer that will copy anything you put in there, into your cloud storage. Using the mobile apps makes it very easy to share files with people and you can browse by file type easily too.

Unlike some of the other cloud storage services I’ve signed up to, I will more likely use this one as the free space given is so generous.

If you’d like to sign up, use this link. You’ll get a bonus 5GB space taking your free amount to 20GB!

Welcome to the Cloud

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Amazon today announced a new service that will soon be available called the ‘Cloud Player’. The idea is that users can upload their music tracks to their own space on the internet and access it from any computer or Android phone. This beats Apple and Google who are apparently developing similar systems themselves. The idea of a large amount of online storage space for general public use isn’t exactly a new idea (i.e. Dropbox), but the fact that the major players see this as the way forward means the demise of the CD and the hard drive.