‘Minds Collide’ The New Album Out June 17th!

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On June 17th, ‘Minds Collide’ the new album will be released on CD, digital download and streaming services. The album features 12 brand new tracks written for piano including the upcoming singles ‘Rise’, ‘Tectonic Rainbows’ and ‘Curiosity’. The album follows the 2011 release ‘Regression Play’ and marks a clear evolution in style and technicality, whilst maintaining the emotional substance that seems to prove very popular.

Work on the album started last September and was only completed two weeks ago. Three singles will be released before the album’s release date, one of which will be given away for free!

The amazing new artwork was created by artist Sophie Herrick who for many weeks was the only person who knew what the album was called. In a strange way, the artwork has made the album sound better. When I saw it for the first time, I was determined more-so, to make the album the best it could be. I revisited a couple of tracks and ended up writing string parts for them which is something I hadn’t done on the previous album.

If you liked tracks like ‘Skating in Circles’ and ‘Like Nothing Else’ from the previous album, then you’ll love this one.

‘Minds Collide’ the new album from Matt Keil will be available on June 17th from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play and BlackBerry World.  


Minds Collide

Minds Collide Tracklisting:

  1. Minds Collide [1:20]
  2. A Curious Case of Cataclysm [2:49]
  3. Tectonic Rainbows [5:31]
  4. Eyes to the Sea [11:13]
  5. Escape the Sinking Ship [4:08]
  6. Draconian Nights [3:45]
  7. Embrace the Never [3:21]
  8. Hope You Fall [5:46]
  9. Reconnect [2:47]
  10. A-A-A-E-E-I-I [2:47]
  11. Curiosity [5:52]
  12. Rise [6:31]