Atmosphonic // Storm Patreon Edition Now Available


Supporters on Patreon who support me for just $1 per month can download their free copy of the new Atmosphonic album weeks before its official release.

The new album isn’t out until September 7th, but as ever, supporters get to hear everything first!

If you want to support me on Patreon, you can find out more and sign up here. You can also click/tap here for all the information on the new album.

Atmosphonic // Storm – New Album Out September 7th


On 7th September, I will be releasing a new album. If you subscribe to the Atmosphonic Podcast, then this one will be something you’ll like.

‘Storm’ is the first of what will be a series of albums under the Atmosphonic branding that combines ambient and minimalist music inspired by composers such as Brian Eno and Steve Reich, with ambient sound recordings.