Egocentric Journalists are Creating Fake News


The news has been irritating me recently. Believe it or not, I used to be a Conservative Party supporting Daily Mail reader. I’m no longer either of these because I eventually grew tired of being manipulated into being angry all the time. They used to make me angry about immigrants, cancer, airport scanners, the French, the Euro, Tony Blair and worst of all, STAMP DUTY. (I don’t even own a house).

Then, a few years ago I took a massive dose of ‘chill the f**k out’ and since then I’m highly resistant to being manipulated by the politicians and the media (they’re almost the same thing nowadays). I’m also hoping for some sort of political revolution one day, although not the type being advocated by thesaurus humping Russell Brand which will presumably lead us to all to start wearing skinny jeans and thinking that possessing drugs is basically okay.