Atmosphonic Podcast: Counting Sheep


After a break of nearly 2 years, the Atmosphonic Podcast returns with a new episode. For those unfamiliar with the podcast, it’s a show consisting solely of recorded sounds with the aim of helping people relax and sleep. I started the project a few years ago and sort of forgot about it. However, recently, I saw just how many thousands of people have subscribed to it and the positive reviews have made me want to return to this project. So here it is. The latest episode is called ‘Counting Sheep’. Don’t forget you can subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes or with your favourite RSS reader.

Collaborating on a Music Playlist

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Spotify PlaylistMy use of Spotify has increased a bit more lately. Although I would describe myself as an ethical user. Artists don’t get paid very much so I usually use Spotify to preview material before purchasing it if I like it. It’s a bit like the listening posts you got at the old style record stores. I’ve had my £10 subscription for nearly three years now.

Recently I’ve started putting together a ‘Relaxing Piano Music’ playlist on Spotify. With the popularity of pianists like Einaudi, it’s something that has quite a lot of widespread appeal. However, when putting this playlist together, I sought the opinions of my followers on Twitter. I found this a fascinating way of discovering new music and let me know what my followers listen to. Some great tracks that were suggested to me were ‘The Blackest Sky’ by ‘Black Elk’ and ‘Human Eyeballs on Toast’ by Peter Broderick. I love discovering new music, so I may do a similar project in the future. In the mean time, I’m still look for more suggestions, so get in touch if you think of anything.


You can listen to my Relaxing Piano Music playlist on Spotify here and you can also subscribe to receive future updates to it.