In The Sky With A Lumix GH5

Photography, Technology

Dangling in the air, sat inside a cable cart crossing the river Thames. It’s windy and the cabin is rocking from side to side. I’m usually okay with heights, apart from the weird faces I pull whilst sitting in a plane that’s taking off.

On this occasion, as the cart rocks from side-to-side on a single cable, I’m left reminded of this facial expression and do my best to conceal it. Luckily the people sat opposite are on a FaceTime call (public video calls in London are a thing now, apparently).

Review: AyeGear H13 Travel Hoodie


AyeGear are a Scottish company that make garments for travel – meaning that they have many pockets to store gadgets and other things when you’re on the go.

Being a gadget nerd I was really interested in getting their H13 hoodie – 13 pockets including one for the iPad, a see through pocket for phones (you can use the phone whilst it’s still in the pocket!) and plenty of places to keep other things like portable device chargers, cables etc.